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We’re on a mission to solve the massive, frustrating problems, RBTs, BCBAs and clinic owners have that are preventing them from serving families better.

               Erica Kinnebrew

Christina Bernard

Wait…Who are we?


We’re Erica & Christina – two determined, frequently over-achieving women that love creating, inspiring, and transforming.

When we started ABAE, we had two common goals – we wanted to help families receive care & education and help those that serve them have a better workplace. By removing the stressors they face we hope to change our little space in the world.

Erica wanted to change the narrative of the stories not only heard but witnessed and experienced. She first worked to do this through the ABA companies she created. Now she continues to pursue that desire through technology she hopes to make available to everyone.

She gave Christina a call and that was it. Using her vision, we began creating not just tech but community that just might change the space for the better.


Our Vision

We want to create better workplaces for compassionate workers serving in the ABA industry providing community, career support, and clinic enablement technologies.

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