Death to the Waitlist

Teaching you how to eliminate your waiting list!

Provides Visibility

  • See clients at any stage in your intake process​.
  • See employees at any stage in the onboarding process​.
  • Schedule based on client and provider location.

Pipeline Stages

  • Timestamped transitions through the pipeline.

Location-Based Scheduling

  • Compare the location of your clients with your providers to determine the closest provider to give the service.

Defined Timelines

  • Determine company’s current baseline timelines.
  • Set goals for each stage in the pipeline.

Determine which provider to send to which client

Select the client and provider based on schedule and location and assign the best fit provider

  • Geolocate with the address provided at onboarding
  • Cut down on the distance providers have to travel
  • Determine best route route for providers to take (October 2022)

Compare the schedule of clients and providers

Visually see providers available to pick up caseloads on an ongoing basis or to fill in for a colleague

  • Increase the speed of onboarding
  • Manage client schedules to ensure they receive all their hours
  • See clients with a partial schedule

See entire pipeline from our dashboard

Understand the time it takes for your team to complete each stage of the process. (Coming June 2022)

  • See the number of days it takes to complete each task.
  • See where each client is in the process
  • Strategize how to increase speed to service

“Erica is one of the top people in our field in terms of organization, efficiency, and taking organizations to scale. I’ve enjoyed working with her across multiple companies – from those that needed an overhaul to those that just wanted to grow with fidelity. She was extremely effective and fun to work with.”

Dr. Josh Pritchard, BCBA-D

Appointment Saver

Eliminate the friction between front office and client rescheduling

  • Automatically send out a rescheduling page
  • Have clients reschedule with an available provider
  • Reduce hours lost due to cancellations

Automated Easy to Use Document Signing

Make filling out paperwork easy for families with our click to sign paperwork feature. 

  • Automatically send out paperwork to client
  • Decrease front office time being spent on data entry
  • Automatically import data to billing software

I worked with Erica for almost five years. She provided support and encouragement in my first leadership role as a Behavior Analyst. Erica has the ability to see everyone’s strengths and place them in roles where they will succeed. Erica has a warm and welcoming nature. She also has an incredible amount of vision. When I was looking for jobs in this area, I took one with her. It was her vision that sold me. Her vision is contagious. And she can execute on that vision. I saw it over and over when I worked with her.

Shannon Leveille, BCBA – Founder/Executive Clinical Director