What is the ABA Business Owners & Clinicians Virtual Scvenger Hunt

Welcome to the ABA Business Owners and Clinicians Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Our game is a fun and interactive way to engage with fellow participants and learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Completing all the activities will make you eligible for a drawing to win a self-care kit mailed to your house. To increase your chances of winning, the last task will give you an extra name in the hat for every additional picture you post to ABA Connects. The 3 participants with the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt will also receive a self-care kit mailed to their house. Thank you for participating, and we hope you have fun!

download the app in the google play store
Download the ABA Connects in the app store

How to participate 

Step 1: Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Take a picture together, upload and tag each other on ABA Connects. (Download this free connect app in the app store using the links above)

Step 2: Pick one booth and take a picture of yourself and the company representative. Say something nice and true about the company. Upload to ABA Connects.

Step 3: Self-Promote your business 
What is one thing that makes you really proud of what you’ve built? Attach a picture, a link to a social account or link to your company website in the connect app. 

Step 4: Comment on other people’s posts about their business (or add additional pictures and posts from the conference) – this is an excellent opportunity to encourage a fellow business owner who probably feels overwhelmed and defeated some days just like you. Let’s lift each other up!

Disclaimer Statement

The virtual scavenger hunt organized for ABA business owners and clinicians is designed to be a fun and engaging activity. However, participants are reminded to act responsibly and legally at all times. Any illegal, unethical, or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification from the scavenger hunt. Additionally, participants should ensure that they do not violate any intellectual property or privacy rights while completing the scavenger hunt tasks. By participating in the scavenger hunt, participants acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.