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You’re here because your waitlist is losing you money, letting down families, and you’re ready to change that

But you’ve probably realized that managing providers’ schedules along with clients’ schedules and locations is a lot harder than you originally thought when you started your business. 

Are you strugggling with the tetris puzzle that is in-home staffing?

Are you losing revenue because you can’t get your clients through intake and into services fast enough?

Do you struggle to find providers in the right locations?

Does your staff waste valuable time traveling between clients?

Does your company need to be more efficient at the intake process so children aren’t waiting to receive services?

Do you have full visibility into your intake process and your onboarding process?

Then we can 

help you.

Because I’ve been exactly where you are. I know the pain you’re experiencing and, more importantly, I know exactly how to help you get unstuck and move forward…

I have built 3 companies, in 6 states with in-home & center based services

I have helped more than 1300 families receive the support and care that they need. 

I have generated more than $35M in revenue for these companies.

I’ve created compassionate but effective teams. 

Now I’m helping entrepreneurs create an even bigger impact.

aba engine launching 2022

I am Erica Kinnebrew, BCBA and operations expert and this is my business partner, Christina Bernard, tech aficionado.

We want to help you. Here’s how.

scheduler zipper launching februrary

Zip together clients and providers by schedule and location all in one place.

rbt staffing launching in march

Locate RBTs ready to work near your clients with ease. 

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Choose to change your operational strategy. Choose to impact lives.

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