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Two apps put in-demand Applied Behavior Analysis jobs at your fingertips.

“A must for job seekers” —Annika Davis, BCBA (Regional Director)

ABA connects rbts to other rbts and bcbas

Registered Behavior Technicians are in high demand.
ABA Connects gives you the resources you need to succeed.

Because a job this rewarding isn’t always easy.

We get it. Helping children and families, changing lives — it’s hugely fulfilling. But being an RBT can have its challenges.

That’s why we created ABA Connects

We’re on a mission to simplify your life and empower you to make the most of your RBT job. How?

Connect with peers and mentors.

Meet and network with BCBAs and grow your support community of fellow RBTs.

We have events planned and a roadmap to continue to improve our app and access to resources for you!

We are building a community of individuals who focus their energy on giving to others in the community. We believe that if you join with that mentality, you will get back more than you can imagine and the community will be made better in the process.

We are more interested in going farther together than going faster alone.


Share information.
Discover info on topics like:

  • What to look for when applying at an autism center 
  • How to make the most of your flexible schedule
  • ABA and the Arts
  • Study Group for RBTs
  • Applying ABA to geriatrics
  • Safely hold conversations on relevant and important topics to our field
  • Find Mentorship

Post text, images, video, or live stream.

We have in app event capabilities coming soon and are planning some awesome events to launch.

Interact with other’s posts, start conversations, and join groups.

The more you interact, the more the community grows! The more the community grows, the more we learn and grow.

Help us create a safe, engaging, and fun space for all providers in our field to come together and learn from each other.

New to ABA? No problem!

Get paid to get trained!

Join a study group and prep for RBT certification with practice quizzes, helpful videos, and tons of other helpful resources.

Get an insider’s view of what an Autism Care job is like from other RBTs and learn how ABA Therapy can make a difference!

Ready to Get Hired?

Our Careers app has you covered. Set your hours and where you want work. Find up-to-the-minute local RBT job matches and chat with employers to make sure you’re a good match. Then easily apply! We are launching soon. Make sure to get on our list.

Want More Information?

Your interest is peaked, and you want to learn more? You are ready to go and want to be sure to be on our list for when we launch our careers app?

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Download the ABA Connects in the app store
download the app in the google play store

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Download the ABA Connects in the app store
download the app in the google play store