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Is an RBT Career right for me?

An RBT Career is right for you if you are...

compassionate and patient

love working with children

fast learner

fulfilled by impacting and teaching others

able to accomplish hard things

motivated by the size of impact you make

An RBT Career is not right for you if you...

want an office job

want to work from home

value money more than making an impact

believe that children should be seen and not heard

How do RBTs make an impact?

They are a trusted resource for the families they work with.

They are able to impact the trajectory of children’s lives in ways others can’t or won’t.

They show up with leadership skills and encourage those around them.

Where do RBTs work?

In Homes

At Schools

In the Community

At ABA Clinics

Take the first Step Toward a Meaningful Career

RBT Career Outlook

Highschool diploma or equivalent required

$15-$30/hour depending on experience and location

RBT Credential preferred, but required

Degree from accredited institution

Additional hours in graduate behavior analysis required

45k-65k depending on experience and location 

Degree from accredited university

Additional hours in graduate behavior analysis required

60k-90k depending on experience and location