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Good software isn’t enough to provide value.

Great software isn’t enough to bring about transformation.

Anyone who makes a living creating software today will tell you that your technology has to connect with your target audience and inspire action.

Luckily, we had an audience we wanted to impact and a Founder with the background to inform our success.

Our Founder: Erica Kinnebrew has built, scaled, and exited three ABA Companies across 5 states. She is intimately familiar with the needs of the relatively new and definitely growing field.

When she started ABAE, she wanted to positively impact families and help those that serve them have a better workplace. Creating a software that increases time to services for families and streamlines many manual processes for businesses became the vision and mission of ABAE.

Erica wanted to change the narrative of the stories not only heard but witnessed and experienced. She first worked to do this through the ABA companies she created. Now she continues to pursue that desire through technology she hopes to make available to everyone.


Erica Kinnebrew


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