Our Features

ABA Engine: Freeing up your schedule one task at a time.

Discover How ABA Engine’s Feature-Rich Platform Empowers Your Business with Time-Saving Automation Workflows, Robust Form Building, and Highly Customizable Data Tracking Options


Effortless Client Intake Automation

Simplify your client onboarding process with ABA Engine. Seamlessly connect admin and parent portals, send automated reminders via email and text, and effortlessly collect online signatures for intake paperwork. Elevate your ABA practice with automation.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork hassles and welcome a new era of convenience and productivity in your client intake process. It’s time to elevate your ABA practice with our powerful automation features.


Streamline Your Team's Journey

Streamlining your team’s journey has never been easier. With ABA Engine’s effortless employee onboarding feature, you can expedite the process of bringing new talent into your organization. Our intuitive platform simplifies tasks, reduces paperwork, and ensures a smooth transition for new hires, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – nurturing a talented and engaged team.


ABA Scheduling Algorithm

We’ve tailored our scheduling algorithm to address the distinct challenges that ABA business owners encounter. We understand the complexities of scheduling and our algorithm seeks to alleviate those difficulties. Our approach to scheduling is multi-faceted, utilizing several methods to solve the scheduling puzzle. From our manual sandbox, which allows us to visually manipulate schedules, to our matching algorithm, which pairs therapists with clients based on various criteria, we have multiple tools at our disposal. Our algorithm is nuanced, taking into account factors such as location, therapist specialization, and client preferences. We are confident that our scheduling algorithm will simplify the scheduling process for all parties involved, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Advanced Business Tools

Welcome to our suite of advanced business tools designed to empower your operations. Our automated workflows simplify complex tasks, while customizable email, SMS, and InMail templates let you communicate effectively and personally. Capture and manage data effortlessly with customizable forms that allow file uploads and digital signatures. Precision is at your fingertips with easy-to-use filters, ensuring you see only the data that matters most. Plus, our map-based functionality provides a visual way to explore and understand your information. Experience a new level of efficiency and control with these essential features.


Next-Gen Business Automation

Experience the future of business operations with our revolutionary automation features. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined efficiency. Our intelligent automation tools are designed to simplify your workflows, boost productivity, and eliminate errors. Transform the way you work and gain a competitive edge with precision automation that sets us apart.

Communication Hub: Your Business's Lifeline

Unlock the power of seamless communication with our robust platform. From connecting with clients to fostering teamwork within your organization, our feature-rich communication hub ensures you stay in sync effortlessly. With dynamic messaging and collaboration tools at your fingertips, you’ll enhance client engagement, boost productivity, and facilitate smooth, real-time interactions.