Our Founder's Story

Empowering & Equipping ABA Business Owners, One Task Automation at a Time

Erica Kinnebrew is not just an accomplished ABA entrepreneur; she’s a dedicated advocate for ABA business owners. Having successfully exited three ABA companies, Erica now channels her passion for building thriving teams into supporting others within the industry. She extends her expertise through private consulting, fosters a vibrant community of fellow business owners, and leads her latest venture, ABA Engine.

ABA Engine is her brainchild—a cutting-edge tech platform addressing critical challenges in the ABA sector. Erica’s unwavering commitment to streamlining intake management, scheduling, and staffing is at the heart of this innovation.

With her extensive ABA industry knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for empowering ABA business owners, Erica Kinnebrew stands as a formidable force in the realm of ABA entrepreneurship.

Our Team

ABA Engine is led by dedicated mentors and fractional team members who share the vision for ABA Engine. Their expertise and commitment provide invaluable guidance.

Hui Huang, CTO

Hui is a seasoned professional dedicated to reducing startup noise and fostering innovation. With expertise as a system architect, product owner, and CTO, she excels in feature development, data management, and technology. She specializes in partnering with founders who seek "Less Noise, More Innovation," with experience in various SaaS categories. Her track record includes building complex systems to include tackling real-time, AI, healthcare, and marketplace challenges.

Michael Dillon, CMO

Michael is a dynamic CMO with 20+ years of marketing and sales leadership, driving brand growth and shaping high-impact strategies in B2B SaaS, Healthcare, and various other industries. With a passion for team excellence and brand evolution, he's also an autism advocate, influenced by his personal commitment as a father to an autistic child, striving to promote inclusive environments in the community.